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In the lovely warm weather we have been experiencing at the moment, it is very tempting to take your dogs out and about, especially to the beach. We would like to warn owners of the possible danger of Adders. Anglesey and along the North Wales coast, has numerous places which they inhabit and the warm weather means they will come out to bask in the sun. The most common areas are in sand dunes/beach areas; forest/wooded areas and the rocky heath areas like South Stack. Dogs become very curious and are likely to go and investigate which may result in a bite to the face or the legs/paws as the dog tries to back away. The adders are timid creatures and do not intentionally attack without provocation and most adder bite incidents are due to accidental encounters as the adders naturally defend themselves. Common signs of a bite are sudden pain and distress and localised swelling which will progress, lethargy, subdued demeanour, 2 small puncture wounds may be visible. Not all adder bites may contain venom but as a precautionary measure, should you suspect your pet has been bitten, please contact the vet as soon as possible. Survival rates are high if treated early but fatalities can occur. Please share to raise awareness